Verification Policy (Article No. 274)

Ladbrokes is obliged to ensure that its customers are who they say they are and that they are aged 18 or over and we take our responsibility to ensure compliance with this very seriously.

Wherever possible we use a third party to electronically verify these details. In order to do so we will send them your name, address, date of birth and telephone number. A record of the search (but not that it was carried out by Ladbrokes) may be retained and this information may be used in the future by other businesses who use the service for the same purpose and with whom you do business. The third party that we use is fully aware of its obligations under the Data Protection Act and will always act in accordance with its provisions.

In some circumstances it may be necessary for us to verify your identity or age through a manual inspection of documents and we reserve the right to request such documentation at any time. Reasons for doing so include, but are not limited to, the processing of withdrawal requests, fraud prevention, country based online poker restrictions, payment method queries and bonus entitlement verification.

Accepted Verification Documents

  • Age Verification

    Photo ID

    Photos/copies should be clear, with no glare (i.e. from a flash), and have the edges of the document visible:

    • Passport - This should show both the photograph page and the opposing page
    • Driving Licence/Provisional
    • Other forms of photographic ID can be submitted. They must show a picture and name of customer as well as date of birth. However we cannot guarantee that these will be accepted. Examples of which include: Citizen Card (UK residence only); Bio-metric Resident Permit; Royal Navy ID; Certificate of Registration for overseas visitors; Application Registration Card; or Any other government issued ID's.
  • Address Verification

    Accepted Documents for Proof of Address
    • Driving Licence - As above, can be used for this purpose as it includes your address
    • Bank Statement - This should be clear and show the name and address of the customer. It is acceptable to mask the transaction details as these are not required.
    • Tax Letter - This should be clear and show the name and address of the customer. It is acceptable to mask other data that is personal.
    • Utility Bill
    • Contract - This can be from a Landlord or employer
    • Hospital Letter

    Any of the above documents are acceptable, providing that the photos/copies meet the following criteria:

    • They will need to be of a good enough quality that they can be easily read and checked
    • They must include an official header from the company that provided the document
    • They will need to be issued within the last 12 months
    • They need to be colour copies/photos
    • The edges of the documents must be visible
    • Photos: Documents ideally photographed on a flat surface, with no glare i.e. from a flash
  • Additional Verification Documents

    There may occasions when additional requirements have to be met. These may include:

    • IDH (Identity Document being Held by customer) - This should be a photo of the account holder holding the submitted ID document.
    • Front and back of Bank Card - This should be a photo/copy with the first 6 digits and the last four digits of the card number visible. The same should be done on the reverse. The CVV number (3 digit code) on the reverse should be blanked out as well. Signature must be visible.

    Please ensure there is no glare in the pictures i.e. from a flash.

Sending Documents

If we request documentation from you, we may ask you to submit copies of the above by using the Ladbrokes Secure Form on the following link: You can find more information on Ladbrokes Secure Form here.

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